BE8535 HMS BE8535 HMS BE8535 HMS BE8535 HMS

BE8535 HMS

BE8535 HMS treadmill is the best choice for those who expect a safe and comfortable cardio workout at home. The equipment has a non-slip running belt driven by a silent motor. It has 4 elastomers and 2 rubber shock absorbers that guarantee the lightness and resilience of running.

BE8535 HMS treadmill allows to reach the speed from 1 to 22 km/hour! This scale will satisfy the needs of recreate runners, as well as all the people that want to improve their stamina. If it’s too easy, start to run uphill. You can raise a level of difficulty by changing the inclination angle. It has 22 levels of modification.

You can change the inclination angle by pressing in-built buttons in side handles. And this is not the end! Huge control panel with big screen allows to manage all the setting easily. The in-built computer has 99 programs and a touchscreen.

Thanks to the possibility of connecting MP3 player, USB and SD card, and thanks to in-built speakers you can do the workout and listen to the music which helps to keep the rhythm and the fluency of the exercises. Easy folding system allows to save much space. To increase the security of preparing the treadmill for the workout, there are 2 extra actuators that moderate the speed of descending the running belt.


  • Shelf for tablet or smartphone
  • Pulse measuring: touch sensors
  • Safety key
  • Strengthened treadmill folding system to vertical position
  • Safe treadmill preparation system:
    • 2 actuators that moderate the descending of running belt
    • Automatic system of slowing down the descending when 45 cm above the ground
  • Shock absorption system: 4 elastomers and 2 rubber shock absorbers between 2 layers of the frame of running belt
  • 2 in-built speakers
  • Input for headphones
  • SD cards reader
  • Safety system
  • 4 transportation wheels
  • Computer functions:
    • Measurement:
      • time, puls, distance, speed, burned calories,
        HRC (Heart Rate Control)
    • Display functions:
      • Time – time
      • Dist – distance
      • Speed – speed
      • Cal – calories
      • Incl – inclination angle
      • Pul – pulse

Technical data

  • Total number of workout programs: 103
  • Power of motor: 3.5 HP
  • Speed scale: 1 ÷ 22 km/h
  • Inclination of running belt: 22 levels
  • Dimensions when ready for workout:
    • length: 1860 mm
    • width: 850 mm
    • height: 1350 mm
  • Dimensions of running belt: 1350 x 535 mm
  • Bluetooth
  • USB port – possibility of connecting a mobile or flash memory
  • MP3 input (minijack) – cable included
  • Display: TOUCH PANEL
    • 4 quick speed selection buttons
    • 4 quick inclination selection buttons
  • Supply power: 230 V
  • Total weight: 88 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 180 kg