MKP postural correction belt is a result of many scientific research on anatomy and biological dynamics of the human body.

According to the main human’s growth features, especially the fact that the youth tend to stoop, our MKP postural correction belt executes power and forms several force systems on the neck, shoulders, back, waist and abdomen what effectively helps you to keep correct posture while sitting, standing or walking.

Our product protects your spine from bending and your back from kyphosis.


  • Material: nylon / neopren
  • Length / width:
    • S – 590 / 120 mm
    • M – 620 / 130 mm
    • L – 670 / 140 mm
    • XL – 710 / 150 mm
  • It helps to maintain correct posture
  • Fully adjustable
  • Undetectable under clothing
  • Lightweight
  • Does not cause any discomfort when worn