FSBM PRO SET for massage. It includes two rollers, a single and double ball for massage.

The balls serve to release overstressed myofascial trigger points. They are very easy to use. It is enough to put a ball to hard surface, such as the wall or floor, so that its motion is stabilised. Next, you need to press against chosen points on the body. Using balls for massage allows us to reach even the least accessible muscle sections. Their efficiency is an outcome of the small size, which enables precise pressing of trigger points, i.e. the source of pain.

In turn, the rollers included in the set, are perfect for self-massage. A short rolling session helps to relieve the whole body and specific trigger points, which lose their flexibility due to overload (they stick to muscles) and hinder blood flow. The roller helps you to release the muscle pressure, eliminates muscle sores, improves flexibility and blood circulation in the massaged spot.

FSBM PRO SET is an ideal choice for any athlete at any advancement level.


  • Material: EPP
  • Dimensions:
    • Single balls: diametre 6,5 cm
    • Double ball: 12,5×6,5 cm
    • Roller 1: 14×33 cm
    • Roller 2: 10×30 cm
  • The set includes:
    • Single massage ball
    • Double massage ball
    • Two rollers of different sizes